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Military Defense Attorneys

The Attorney’s at Capovilla & Williams have represented hundreds and hundreds of service members who have been accused of sexual assault under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  If you or your child is a accused of sexual assault in the military visit our military defense website at: military-defenseattorney.com

Our attorneys have worked sexual assault allegations arising under the UCMJ in nearly all 50 states, on 6 different continents, and in all 5 branches of the Armed Forces. We have been military prosecutors. We have been military defense attorneys. We have been specially educated by the Department of Defense to litigate military crimes. We have even trained some of the very same prosecutors that are now coming after you. Here is the truth – they used to call us Sir.

Our attorneys have cross examined hundreds of accusers, law enforcement officers, SAFE nurses, and outcry witnesses. We understand what it takes to win sexual assault cases. We know what to do when your accuser starts to cry on the stand, we know what to do when your accuser changes her story, and we know what to do when your accuser lies about your prior sex lives together. We have over 60 years of combined military service and legal experience. We know what to do.

Law Enforcement will not have your back

A lot of times our clients believe that law enforcement agencies like CID or OSI will help them uncover the truth. These clients cannot understand why their words do not count. They cannot understand why their commanders throw them under the bus and treat them like criminals. Here at Capovilla & Williams we know that agencies like OSI, CID, CGIS, or NCIS claim to be neutral fact-finding organizations who simply want to find the truth. However, did you know that these agencies receive positive bullet points in their evaluation reports for every service member they help convict? Did you know that these law enforcement agencies are legally allowed to lie to you? Did you know that they will convince your accuser to call you, ask you incriminating questions, and use your answers against you in court? Does that sound like a fair system to you? 

The military defense office is too busy to help you

After all of this, you will find out that your installations military defense office is too busy to see you. While at the same time, law enforcement and the trial counsel are busy collecting evidence, speaking to witnesses, and building their case against you. By the time your commander actually presses charges, the military is ready to make you a sex offender for the remainder of your days. Finally, you get a call from your military defense attorney, an officer you have spoken to one time, and he tells you that the evidence is too strong and you should just plead guilty to sexual assault.

Prepare now for a fight

Do not sit around and hope for the best. Here at Capovilla & Williams we do not tell you we are too busy; we do not ask you to sign plea deals before talking to the witnesses or conducting a review of all the evidence; and we do not let CID, OSI, the military prosecutor or your chain of command bully us around. The minute you hire us, we get to work. We interview witnesses, conduct background checks, demand that law enforcement collect evidence favorable to you, and we prepare for trial from day one. We do not take your career, freedom, or future for granted. We prepare to execute from day one and we will never stop working hard for you.