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Georgia Southern University Title IX Attorneys

Nestled throughout Statesboro, Savannah, and Hinesville, Georgia, Georgia Southern University is proud to provide its students with an educational environment that fosters the free exchange of ideas, innovation, and academic integrity. As such, student conduct is held to high academic and behavioral standards. If a student is accused of defying one of these rules, Georgia Southern will investigate the issue and, if necessary, discipline the student.

Most college students never expect to have to participate in disciplinary hearings, especially when the accused behavior involves a Title IX violation. In fact, many students believe they can show up to their disciplinary hearing without fully preparing to defend themselves. Unfortunately, these students are rarely successful, and punishments for a Title IX violation can have long-term consequences that extend beyond the bounds of campus life. Working with an attorney can mitigate such detrimental consequences. Call Capovilla & Williams today for help.

What is Title IX 

Title IX is a federal regulation that stipulates how federally funded educational institutions must investigate and resolve complaints of sex-based discrimination, which Georgia Southern defines as the following conduct:

  • Stalking
  • Dating violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Nonconsensual sexual contact
  • Nonconsensual sexual penetration
  • Sexually-based bullying
  • Knowingly transmitting an STD or HIV through sexual activity
  • Sexual harassment between students or between a student and another individual (such as a university employee or faculty member)

According to Title IX, discrimination based on pregnancy, failure to provide students with equal athletic opportunities, and discrimination in STEM programs and courses are other major examples of sex-based discrimination.

Additionally, if Georgia Southern does not follow the steps outlined in Title IX exactly, it risks losing its federal funding. As such, most institutions are keen to follow the steps without much deviation, which can sometimes negatively impact a falsely accused student. Our attorneys will be able to review the complaint and negotiate on your behalf, ensuring the school does not punish you unnecessarily.

The Title IX Disciplinary Process 

The Title IX Coordinator at Georgia Southern oversees the investigation and disciplinary hearing process for Title IX violations. When they receive a complaint, they will contact the complainant to find out what happened and determine if the accused conduct falls within the scope of Title IX. If it does, they will ask the complainant to file a formal complaint, or if the complainant refuses and the Coordinator believes there is enough preliminary evidence to warrant a formal complaint, the Coordinator will file it on their own.

After the formal complaint is filed, a Title IX Investigator will be appointed to meet with the complainant, the accused student, and any relevant witnesses. Once they have concluded the investigation process, they will deliver their report on the matter to the Coordinator. If the Investigator believes a disciplinary hearing is necessary, the Coordinator will appoint a panel to oversee it.

During the hearing, the complainant and the accused student will each have an equal opportunity to present their arguments. They will also have the chance to present evidence and witness testimony that supports your argument. Once you have completed presenting, you can cross-examine the complainant’s witnesses and evidence. The complainant, or university, is charged with presenting enough evidence to prove that you committed the accused conduct. As the defending side, you must offer evidence to refute their argument. That being said, it is still important to prepare for your hearing so that you can effectively defend yourself.

At the end of the hearing, the panel will decide whether or not the student is responsible for committing the alleged conduct. If they decide the student is responsible, they will also decide which punishments to impose. Punishments for Title IX violations can include anything from schedule changes or removal from campus housing to suspension or expulsion.

Whatever the hearing panel’s decision, it can be appealed.

How a Skilled Title IX Defense Law Firm Can Help

When accused of a Title IX violation, you might be extremely overwhelmed and unsure who you can trust. At Capovilla & Williams, we understand this fear and will work diligently to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case. Call 855-218-6432 today or schedule a free consultation online.