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Berry College Title IX Attorneys

Berry College is one of the best private liberal arts colleges in Georgia and prides itself on providing its students with mentorship, a culture of belonging, and exceptional professional development. Founded in 1902, the college was initially started to provide local children with an education, and the current college continues to build on this legacy.

When students are accepted into Berry College, they are so focused on their future: the friendships they will make, the classes they will take, and the experiences they will have that they never consider what could happen if they are accused of violating Title IX. As such, when it happens, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. You might wonder where to turn and who you can trust for help.

If you are accused of violating Title IX, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney to advocate on your behalf. Call Capovilla & Williams today.

What is Title IX 

Title IX is a federal regulation that prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational programs and activities, such as those in high school, college, and university, if the school or activity receives federal funding. The major examples of Title IX include failing to provide students with equal athletic opportunities, sex-based discrimination in STEM programs and courses, discrimination based on a pregnancy, and sexual harassment.

The Title IX regulation stipulates how educational institutions investigate and resolve accusations of sex-based discrimination. If an institution fails to follow the government’s rules while adjudicating this claim, it can lose its federal funding.

The Title IX Disciplinary Process 

If you are accused of a Title IX violation, there are certain steps the school must take to ensure they comply with the federal government’s mandates. These steps are outlined below.


Once a claim is received by the Title IX Coordinator at Berry College, the Coordinator will perform an initial investigation. During this investigation, they will determine if a proper investigation should be initiated because the claim falls under the scope of Title IX. If they find that it does fall within this scope, they will have the complainant submit a formal complaint.

Sometimes, the complainant will decide to drop the issue. When this happens, the Title IX Coordinator can make the decision to submit the formal complaint on their own because they believe there is enough preliminary evidence to warrant it. If the formal complaint is filed, notice will be sent to both parties, and the Title IX Coordinator will appoint an independent investigator.

The Title IX Investigator will meet with both the complainant and accused student, as well as any witnesses, to find out what likely happened. At the end of their investigation, they will submit their report to the Title IX Coordinator.

Hearing Process

In some cases, the Title IX Investigator may determine that the formal complaint should be withdrawn because there is not enough evidence present to prove the violation. Other times, they may allow the accused student to participate in an informal resolution.

If the Investigator believes the matter should continue along the formal hearing path, the Title IX Coordinator will schedule the hearing and appoint the members of the hearing panel. During the hearing, the complainant and the accused student will have a chance to present their arguments, including offering relevant evidence and witness testimony to support their positions.

At the end of the hearing, the panel will determine if the student is, in fact, responsible for violating Title IX and, if so, what kind of punishments to impose on them. Generally, punishments will include anything from academic probation to suspension or dismissal from the school. Moreover, if you are found responsible, you have every right to appeal the decision.

Don’t try to navigate these proceedings alone. Let Capovilla & Williams help.

How a Skilled Law Firm Can Help

At Capovilla & Williams, our attorneys have tremendous experience defending students in Georgia against Title IX violations. You have worked hard to get into college and deserve the chance to stay there. Don’t let a Title IX violation prevent you from achieving the dreams you have for your future. Call 855-218-6432 today or schedule a free consultation online.