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Valdosta State University Title XI Lawyer

Valdosta State University is committed to providing its students with scholarly activities, research opportunities, and access to several impressive athletic programs. With a diverse student body and over 200 on-campus organizations, Valdosta State believes in preparing its students for whatever life throws at them. When a student is accused of violating one of their academic or behavioral conduct rules, the university works quickly to investigate and resolve the issue.

While every university hopes to adjudicate misconduct fairly, there are always instances when a student’s rights are not being upheld, and they are subsequently punished. These punishments can negatively affect the rest of their lives and should only be imposed when the school has ample evidence of actual misconduct. This is especially true in cases of Title IX accusations. Thus, working with a knowledgeable and experience attorney who understands what is on the line for you is incredibly important. Call Capovilla & Williams today. We can help.

What is Title IX

Title IX is a federal regulation that bans discrimination on the basis of sex, including discrimination based on pregnancy, access to higher education, failing to offer equal access to athletic opportunities, and sexual misconduct, as well as any other gender-based discrimination. The regulation goes on to state that if the school receives federal funding in any way, it must follow certain steps to investigate and adjudicate the matter.

The most common Title IX violation involves sexual misconduct, which Valdosta State defines as:

  • Nonconsensual sexual contact
  • Nonconsensual sexual penetration
  • Dating violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking

If the university does not follow the Title IX steps when resolving a sex-based discrimination complaint, it risks losing its federal funding. Sadly, this means most colleges are so focused on following the Title IX steps that they fail to notice when a baseless or false complaint should be dismissed, forcing some students to suffer through the embarrassment and stress of a Title IX disciplinary hearing. To ensure your reputation and place on campus are protected, call our offices today.

The Title IX Disciplinary Process 

The Title IX disciplinary process is the same at most schools. First, the Title IX Coordinator must receive a complaint of sex-based discrimination. Then they will meet with the complainant to hear more about the circumstances that gave rise to the complaint and determine whether the issue falls under Title IX. They will ask the complainant to file a formal complaint if it does. Sometimes, the complainant will refuse to file the formal complaint, and the Coordinator will have to decide if the matter should be dropped or if they should file the formal complaint by themselves.

Once the formal complaint is filed, the Coordinator will contact the Title IX Investigator and initiate the investigation process. The Investigator will interview the complainant, the accused student, and any relevant witnesses and determine whether the complaint should be pursued. They will inform the Title IX Coordinator of their decision in an official investigative report.

If the complaint is pursued, the Coordinator will appoint the hearing panel to oversee the disciplinary hearing. During the hearing, both parties will have equal opportunities to present their arguments, including any evidence or witness testimony they might have. Then they will have the chance to cross-examine the other side’s witnesses and evidence in an effort to refute their validity.

When the hearing ends, the hearing panel will meet separately to decide if the accused student is responsible for committing sex-based discrimination in violation of Title IX. If they have decided the student is responsible, they will also decide which sanctions to impose on the student. At Valdosta State, sanctions include anything from a formal reprimand to expulsion. Whatever the decision, both parties have the right to an appeal.

How an Experienced Title IX Defense Law Firm Can Help

Capovilla & Williams understand the kind of pressure you are under and know that sometimes students decide to “wing” their defense because of such pressure. Unfortunately, when students arrive without being fully prepared to defend themselves, they are rarely successful. Call our offices today at 855-218-6432 or schedule a free consultation online.