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The Making of Capovilla & Williams

Today, the law firm of Capovilla & Williams is comprised of eight experienced trial and administrative attorneys who have repeatedly demonstrated an unmatched commitment to representing clients in cases with enormous consequences.  But that passion and dedication didn’t start when the firm’s doors opened for business.  It grew out of the personal experiences and challenges that founding partners Robert Capovilla and Mickey Williams faced in their own lives.  Below is a little more about each man’s story and their decision to open what is now the preeminent military and Title IX defense firms in the country.

Robert’s passion for helping others formed at an early age.  When he was in college, his father was severely injured after being struck by another driver.  The accident jeopardized not only the successful chiropractic business his father had built over 30 years, but also limited his ability to do everyday activities often taken for granted.  Robert remembers those challenges, and also the enormous difficulty his father had dealing with the insurance companies and a legal system that were supposedly designed to protect the rights of people facing challenging situations.

I’ve never forgotten what it felt like to watch my dad fight to keep his life and business going while enduring great physical pain,” said Robert.   “I made my mind up at that moment that I would fight for those in need of help and that I would do so with integrity, grit, and compassion.” – RC

Mickey’s passion to serve others also came at a young age.  He joined the U.S Army immediately after high school and excelled throughout basic training, Airborne School, and Ranger School.  He was assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment where he participated in over 100 combat missions, including the initial invasion of Iraq and rescue of POW Jessica Lynch.

The Ranger Regiment taught me an incredible number of lessons about injustice and what can happen when the powerful overreach and remain unchecked,” said Mickey.  “My days in combat also showed me what it means to fully dedicate yourself to a just cause and how to remain steadfastly committed to finishing a fight.” – MW

Our Promise to Clients

Every member of the Capovilla & Williams Team understands that our clients have many choices when it comes to hiring a law firm.  We believe that what separates us from others is unique and powerful.

When you hire the attorneys at our firm, you get years of trial experience, an unwavering dedication to achieving exceptional results, and the opportunity to work with United States Veterans who understand what it means to be loyal, selfless, and ready to take on whatever comes next.”

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