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Life University Title IX Lawyers

Life University is committed to leading the vitalistic health revolution. As home to a diverse community, they are dedicated to producing the best vitalistic healthcare professionals in the world. To ensure they meet this goal, they expect their students to abide by strict rules concerning their academic and behavioral conduct. If a student is accused of disobeying these rules, the university initiates a disciplinary process to resolve the issue.

When a student is accused of misconduct, it can feel isolating and overwhelming. This isolation and stress is exacerbated if you are accused of violating Title IX. Working with an attorney during the entire disciplinary process will guarantee the university is not violating your due process rights. You do not want to be unnecessarily punished for any misconduct, especially a Title IX violation. Capovilla & Williams can help. Call today.

What is Title IX 

Under federal law, Title IX forbids discrimination based on sex in schools that receive federal funding. It also stipulates how schools must investigate and adjudicate such complaints. At Life University, sex-based discrimination is defined as:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual coercion
  • Domestic violence
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Stalking
  • Retaliation

Moreover, Life University makes it clear that nondiscrimination protections apply to all educational programs, individual courses, research programs, housing, counseling, financial assistance, health and insurance benefits and services, student recruitment, and admissions. And if the university does not follow the steps outlined in Title IX to resolve the complaint, the government may take away its federal funding.

As such, most schools are keen to adjudicate Title IX complaints exactly how it outlines. Unfortunately, there have been cases where even though there is little evidence to support the formal complaint, the school decides to adjudicate the issue anyway. This forces the accused student to suffer through the entire process and potentially be punished without cause. Having an experienced Title IX defense attorney is the only way to ensure the university follows the rules exactly.

The Title IX Disciplinary Process 

Initially, the Title IX Coordinator’s office will receive the complaint and meet with the complainant to learn more about the alleged incident. At the end of this meeting, the Coordinator will decide if the issue falls within the scope of their office. If it does, they will request that the complainant files a formal complaint. Often, the complainant will go through the initial meeting with the Coordinator and decide not to file the formal complaint. When this happens, the Coordinator can decide if the matter should be dropped or if they should file the formal complaint themselves.

Once the formal complaint is filed, the Title IX Coordinator will appoint an Investigator to launch the formal investigation. The Investigator at Life University will reach out, and meet with, the complainant and the accused student. Having your attorney present during this meeting is a good idea to ensure you are prepared to answer – and ask – questions. The Investigator will also interview witnesses if either party offers them up for an interview.

At the end of the investigation, the Investigator will write up their findings in a report and deliver it to the Title IX Coordinator. The Coordinator will review the investigative report and either decide to dismiss the matter (usually at the behest of the Investigator) or initiate the disciplinary hearing process if the Investigator and Coordinator agree.

To start the disciplinary hearing process, the Coordinator must appoint a panel of unbiased individuals to oversee the hearing. Both sides can present evidence and witness testimony that bolsters their argument during the hearing. Once both sides have been heard and had a chance to question each other’s witnesses, the panel will meet separately to review the testimony and evidence. There they will decide if the accused student is responsible for the accused misconduct and what sanctions to impose on them. Sanctions at Life University can range from something as simple as a reprimand or academic probation to suspension and expulsion.

And remember, this decision, whatever it is, can be appealed.

How an Experienced Title IX Defense Law Firm Can Help

Based on the evidence presented, it is the responsibility of the complainant or university to prove that the accused student committed a Title IX violation. You are innocent until proven guilty. That being said, you must show up prepared to defend yourself. However, if the idea of defending yourself feels overwhelming, Capovilla & Williams can help. Call 855-218-6432 today or schedule a free consultation online.