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Why Hire Capovilla & Williams for Title IX Defense

While the most important thing to do when facing allegations of sexual assault or harassment on a college campus is to hire an attorney, the second is to hire the best attorney available to you.

You have many choices when it comes to legal representation.  Below are the top seven reasons why students and their families trust our law firm to produce positive results in college disciplinary cases.

  1. Experience.  Our five attorneys and robust team of investigators and support staff have handled thousands of cases involving sexual assault and sexual harassment.  And a significant number of those have been in proceedings much more challenging than the college disciplinary environment.  More on that below.
  2. More Difficult Forum. A significant part of our experience involves cases held in the toughest venues for sexual assault and harassment claims  – United States Military Courts.  Simply stated, it is generally more difficult to win sexual assault and harassment cases in military courts than in the Title IX setting.  There are too many reasons why to cover here.  But suffice it to say that there is even more pressure put on the U.S. military to produce convictions in these types of cases than at colleges.  Military cases are also more difficult procedurally.  For example, convictions in military courts only require three-fourths of the jury members to agree as opposed the unanimous standard that exists in American law.
  3. Complete Commitment to the Rights of the Accused.  Our team is composed of what the legal community calls “true believers” in the rights of those accused of serious misconduct or criminal offenses.  And this is particularly true when it comes to allegations of sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, and other very serious matters.   We have seen false allegations, overcharging, politically motivated administrations, and other forms of injustice many times over our careers. Each time, it solidifies our commitment to vigorously defending clients facing Title IX punishments and it’s not hard to find lots of information online about our firm’s commitment to due process and fairness.
  4. Exceptional Investigative Resources.  In almost every case involving an alleged sexual misconduct, we deploy a team of investigators.  These are experienced professionals – most with military backgrounds – who routinely uncover evidence that contradicts the claims of alleged victims and administrative bodies.  It’s very common for our investigators to discover motives to fabricate, additional eyewitnesses, text messages, voicemails, photos, forensic data, and other evidence that severely contradicts the claims of misconduct.
  5. Fearless.  We are unafraid of powerful entities that are determined to ruin our clients’ futures.  We’ve battled high-profile universities as well as the largest military bases in the world.  Our cases are routinely covered by a very unfriendly media.  (Dateline NBC recently produced a two-hour program about one of our recent cases involving allegations of sexual harassment against a decorated military service member.)   Our team is comprised of Army-trained professionals, including Rangers, Special Forces Operators, and Judge Advocates.  They have been trained to thrive in the most chaotic and pressure-filled situations, and they bring that skill and attitude to our clients’ cases.
  6. Proven Record of Success. While no attorney can guarantee a result in your case, evaluating their past results in similar cases is a great way for you to determine who you should trust with your Title IX defense.   We have successfully resolved dozens of cases involving sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence and other serious charges in the past two years alone.   Many of these wins have been discussed by thankful clients in the form of online reviews.  To see our Google reviews, please click here.  We are also happy to provide references to former clients who faced similar situations to yours and can attest to our skill and commitment.
  7. Personal Service. One of the biggest complaints law firm clients have is that they feel ignored by their attorneys.  Our team makes a steadfast commitment to ensure this does not happen to our clients.  We provide our cell phone numbers to those who hire us, and we are always available to discuss case progress, strategy, or simply to listen and provide emotional support to students and parents.

We hope the above has been helpful as you evaluate law firms to fight the claims against you or a loved one.  But we don’t want it to be a substitute for discussing your matter one-on-one over the phone with our attorneys.  Please contact us today and we’ll make time for you.  Our phone number is 404-496-7674.  Of course, all information we discuss is completely confidential.